Is Alzheimer’s Disease the Same with Dementia?

Is Alzheimer’s Disease the Same with Dementia?

As a person ages, his/her health deteriorates. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest and unavoidable downsides of aging. When an aging person is going through this phase, it is not ideal for him/her to live alone as this may be dangerous. They should take advantage of elderly care in Virginia in order to help ensure their safety.

Every aspect of a person’s health is affected when his/her health deteriorates. This means that their mental and emotional well-being is also affected. This is when personal home care becomes a necessity for them. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are two of the most common mental health issues in the senior population.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are often used interchangeably. In fact, there are even people who believe that the two are similar. This is mainly because they both refer to mental health issues impacting memory. To clear the confusion, it is best to keep in mind that they are not the same. How is dementia different from Alzheimer’s?

A percentage of the senior population is more likely to develop dementia. This is an umbrella term used to describe symptoms that affect memory, communication, and a person’s ability to perform daily activities.

Alzheimer’s disease, on the other hand, is the most common form of dementia. It affects a person’s memory, speaking, and thinking abilities. This disease gets worse with time.

If a patient has been diagnosed with either of the two, it is best for him/her home health care in Dumfries, Virginia. This will not only help them live more comfortably, but a trained healthcare professional will also be able to assist them with activities of daily living.

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