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Dangers that Seniors Living Alone May Face


The majority of seniors choose to age at home. However, when it comes to seniors living alone, they frequently confront threats that can jeopardize their health and safety.

  • Accidents
    As we age, our muscles become weaker, our bones become more brittle, our reaction times reduce, our vision deteriorates, and our balance deteriorates, putting seniors at greater risk for accidents, particularly at home.
  • Malnutrition
    You notice that your loved one is rapidly losing weight because they are not eating enough on their own, or that they are acquiring unhealthy weight because they are no longer eating nutritional meals and instead rely on fast food.
  • Loneliness and Depression
    Seniors who are isolated may feel lonely because they have no one to talk to or spend time with. Isolation increases anxiety and depression, which causes insomnia, nausea, heart palpitations, and other symptoms.
  • Cleanliness Issues
    It may be too physically demanding for them to bathe or wash properly. As mobility and energy become concerns, basic housekeeping may fall by the wayside. This can be avoided by utilizing the services of elderly care in Virginia.
  • Increased Social Inactivity
    Increased social inactivity can be induced by several factors, including sadness, anxiety, emotions of helplessness, and others. They may want assistance in finding meaningful activities for them to enjoy.

Consider hiring a caregiver from a reliable home care agency, such as Eveready Home Care, to provide senior home care services and monitor your seniors. When you have a loved one who lives alone, this extra assistance might make all the difference.

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