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Barriers to Good Personal Hygiene in Older Adults


Practicing good hygiene is important for any age but can be crucial for older adults. Poor hygiene not only affects one’s self-esteem but can also lead to infections and potential health complications. Unfortunately, many of our seniors are unable to maintain hygiene habits due to several factors.

As a leading provider of elderly care in Virginia, we will discuss the barriers to good personal hygiene that older adults face:

  • Dulling Senses
    As we get older, our senses are not as sharp as they once were. Hence, an aging parent or loved one may not pick up on signs of poor hygiene right away. Dulling senses can make it more challenging for them to notice signs like body odor or stains on their clothes. This can lead to them bathing or grooming less.
  • Poor Mobility
    Many seniors suffer from poor mobility that can affect their ability to perform daily activities. Tasks like bathing can be particularly difficult without assistance. This can also increase their risk of falls that lead to injury. In addition to pediatric healthcare, we offer support services to assist seniors with personal care.
  • Fear of Discomfort
    The bathroom can be an unsafe and uncomfortable room for seniors. If your loved one had a bad fall recently, it is possible they may not feel comfortable going to the bathroom on their own. An in-home care provider can assist them with personal care to ensure comfort and safety.

Eveready Home Care is a trusted provider of home health care in Dumfries, Virginia. To support healthy aging, we offer support services that include assistance with personal hygiene, dressing, and more. Reach out to us or schedule a needs assessment for more information.

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