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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wound Care


Eveready Home Care provides wound care management as part of our skilled nursing services. Our senior home care makes it a point to help clients needing wound care and treatment as part of their day-to-day needs.

Despite all of this, however, we still advise our clients and their families to learn the basics of first aid and treatment. Being providers of elderly care in Virginia, we know that aging skin is very fragile and prone to damage. If not treated properly, wounds can easily infect and cause serious health risks.

Allow us to share some first-hand knowledge on the do’s and don’ts of wound care.

  • Clean wounds with water and soap. Never put alcohol directly on the open wound. This is very painful and can cause tissue damage, which delays healing.
  • Keep it covered. After applying antiseptic medication, cover the open wound with clean gauze to keep infections at bay.
  • Blood helps clean wounds, so a little bit of blessing is good. You can stop blood by applying pressure to the wound with a clean cloth or gauze.
  • Never remove scabs. This means that the platelets are doing their job in clotting blood and covering the wound. If it gets itchy, do your best to keep your hands off of it.
  • Change bandages daily. Gently remove the adhesive with water. Replace soiled bandages with clean ones. If skin becomes itchy or is becoming irritated, seek professional help. You may be allergic to your adhesive.

We also suggest having a first aid kit handy in your bathroom. You can find these supplies at any pharmacy near you.

If you’re on the lookout for quality home health care in Dumfries, Virginia, we are the agency to call.

We also provide pediatric healthcare services.

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